The Tucker 48


From the Tucker Sales Brochure:

"Yes, the Tucker is the most exciting car of the year, and for years to come. It is completely new in engineering principle, yet completely proved in more than fifteen years of rigid tests.

Everything about the car is a clean break with outmoded tradition. The engine is in the rear, between the rear wheels where engine power is needed. It's a new kind of engine, too, bringing motorists for the first time the many improvements in design developed and proved by American leaders of aviation.

[...] Only mass production on a scale to match the vast resources of the Tucker plant, the largest and most modern automotive plant in the world, can bring this car to American motorists in the medium priced field."

A Threat to the Big Three Automakers?

Maybe. Preston Tucker quickly found himself and his nascent company embroiled in an SEC investigation and prosecution. The Federal Housing Authority tried to confiscate his manufacturing plant. Even though Tucker was cleared of all charges, it took years and the damage was done to his credibility and the company's viability. Only 50 Tucker Sedans were completed. Today the Tucker 48 is a rare and prized collectors item. In 2010, Tucker #1045 sold for $1.127 million, and in 2012 Tucker #1043 went for $2.915 million at auction.

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You can read more about the fascinating Tucker at The Henry Ford website.