2017 Exhibition Committee

Left to Right: Rick Tomsic (Brass and Antiques); Joe Risk ( Shelby Automobiles); Wil Silva (Italian Speed); Ron Howell (Exhibition Committee Assistant Chairman & Field Stewards); Leo Andreoli (Exhibition Check-In); Mike Wilson (Porsche 356/900); Ted Lambros (Italian Speed); Jim Diaz (American Speed); Michael Stull (European Classics & Post-War European Elegance); Anthony Maggio (Post-War European Elegance); Jack Walter (Corvette); Paul Ginsburg (Open & Closed American Classics & Classic Packards); Ray Johnson (PV Concours Chairman); Howie Margolies (Jaguar E-Type). In the car (Croxall’s 1973 Jaguar E-Type S3): Dick Croxall (Exhibition Committee Chairman); Jerry Mull (Exhibition Committee Assistant Chairman).

Missing for the photo shoot:  Augie Esposito (Race Cars of Special Interest); Howard Green (Post-War American Elegance); Bob Knee (Classic Packards); Cynthia Macha, Director, Western Museum of Flight; Robin Millar (Race Cars of Special Interest); Dwight Schooling (Open & Closed American Classics & Classic Packards).