The Palos Verdes Concours D'Elegance (PVCDE) collects certain information from users, and we would like to explain the types of information we gather and what we do with it. We do not sell any personal information to third parties.


This notice applies to all information collected or submitted on the Palos Verdes Concours D'Elegance website (pvconcours.org). The site may contain pages where you can order tickets, products, services, communicate requests and question, and register to receive materials. The types of personal information collected at these pages may include:
Email address
Phone number
...and other information that you may voluntarily supply to register for, or participate in events hosted by the Palos Verdes Concours D'Elegance.

No Credit Card information is collected on this site. Any monetary transactions, or financial data requests associated with this site take place on the secure websites operated by third party transaction processing companies—these include Eventbrite.com and Stripe.com. These sites have their own Privacy and Terms of Service policies.


Our system collects server log data which may include an IP address, the type of browser and operating system used, the time of day visited, the pages viewed, and search requests. We aggregate this data and use it for statistical purposes, helping us to ascertain, for example, the amount of interest in portions of our web site, and how to improve the navigation and content of our web site.


We use the information you provide only for business related to the operation of the Palos Verdes Concours D'Elegance. We do not share this information with outside parties except to the extent necessary to complete ticket or product orders.

We use email addresses voluntarily supplied for communications with you, which may include news and information about events associated with the Palos Verdes Concours D'Elegance. Email addresses are never shared with outside parties.

Aggregated log data is used for statistical purposes, helping us to ascertain, for example, the amount of interest in portions of our web site, and how to improve the navigation and content of our web site.


This website uses measurement and customization technology known as a "cookies." Cookies are used to remember a user's online interactions with a website or online application in order to conduct measurement and analysis of usage or to customize the user's experience. There are two kinds of cookies used on this website. A single-session cookie (Tier 1) is a line of text that is stored temporarily on a user's computer and deleted as soon as the browser is closed. A persistent or multi-session cookie (Tier 2) is saved to a file on a user's hard drive and is called up the next time that user visits a website. Use of these cookies does not involve the collection of a visitor's personally identifiable information (PII).

The Palos Verdes Concours D’Elegance does not use the information associated with cookies to track individual user activity on the Internet outside of this website, nor does it share the data obtained through such technologies. The Palos Verdes Concours D’Elegance does not keep a database of information obtained from the use of cookies.

Cookies are enabled by default to optimize website functionality and customize user experience. Users can choose not to accept the use of these cookies by changing the settings on their local computer's web browser. Opting out of cookies still permits users to access site information, but some services such as online purchasing may be unavailable to you.


Should you have other questions or concerns about these privacy policies, please call us at (310) 378-7838 or send us an Email to office@pvconcours.com.